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Coventry Evening Standard /24/12/59: Behind the Footlights (Thespis)

Coventry Evening Standard / 22/7/60: Coventry's Young People Disappointed at London Theatre

The Worthing Herald /1/11/63: Between Acts..... (E. J.)

Flourish (RSC Magazine) /Autumn 1968/vol2/no.1: Profile of Alan Howard

Guardian / 9/11/68: Howard's Beginnings (Oliver Pritchett)

San Francisco Chronicle / 6/3/69. RSC Method Actor Explains (P.K.)

Plays and Players /September 1969: Two Actors (Sheridan Morley).

Sheffield Telegraph /29/4/70: 'One of the bloody heroes' takes on Hamlet (Pat Roberts)

Daily Telegraph Magazine /29/5/70: A fellow of most excellent fancy (Sally Beauman).

The Observer /7/6/70: Nunn's 'Hamlet': a report from the kitchen (Ronald Bryden)

The Christian Science Monitor /17.8.70: New man, new Hamlet (Ian Woodward)

? /1970: Howard's antic disposition (Ian Woodward)

Plays and Players /February 1971: Alan Howard on Hamlet.

Chicago Tribune / 28.3.71: Family Theatre Ties.... (Carol Kramer)

Sunday Telegraph Colour Supplement /9/3/73: The Revels Are In Hand - And Touring (Sally Beauman)

Asahi Evening News / 14.5.73: Alan Howard Finds Kabuki Impressive (S.F.)

The Advertiser (Adelaide, Australia) /5/6/73: The man with the hippo tooth (John Miles)

Flourish (RSC Magazine) /Issue 1, 1974: Alan Howard on 'The Bewitched' (A.C.H. Smith).

? /25/4/75: Henry V in a tracksuit

Coventry Evening Telegraph /21/6/75: Lucky V for Alan

Birmingham Post /3/4/75: Hard climb to the top of the theatrical tree (Anthony Everitt).

Plays and Players /July 1975: Howard's ends and means (W Stephen Gilbert).

Cosmopolitan Magazine /October 75: The man with the million dollar talent (Deirdre McSharry)

Guardian / 20/1/1976All Hal let loose (Tom Sutcliffe).

The Sunday Times /21/3/76: The day in the life of Alan Howard (alias Prince Hal and Henry V) (Stephen Fay).

Times (USA) 23/4/76: Alan Howard, The Man Who Would Be King Henry (Richard Elder).

The Sunday News (USA) /25/4/76: The king as iconoclast (Bernard Carragher).

New York Magazine /26/4/76: Henry Reconsidered - Royal And Shakespearean (Sally Beauman)

The Times /18/12/76: In the Howard tradition (Sheridan Morley).

The Daily Express / 20/4/77: One more crown for the king of kings (Victor Davis) London edition

The Daily Express / 20/4/77: One more crown for the king of kings (Victor Davis) Manchester edition

Observer Magazine /17/7/77: How King Arthur grew up and became King Henry (John Heilpern).

Guardian /23/9/77: The Royal Line (Terry Coleman).

Newcastle Journal /19/1/78: A Full House (Peter Mortimer).

Evening Chronicle (Newcastle) / 27/1/78: Alan waits for buzz...... (Phil Penfold)

Vogue /June 1978: The Man Who Plays The King (Lucy Hughes-Hallett).

Sunday Times / 28/5/78: Howard's Royal Road (Elizabeth Grice).

London Evening Standard / 6/10/78: The New Lion ( Sydney Edwards and Michael Owen).

Newcastle Evening Chronicle /27/2/79: An audience with the royal pretender (Feona McEwan).

The Evening News /9/3/79: Seven-stone weakling or Incredible Hulk....(Clare Colvin).

Birmingham Post / 29.10.80: History about to complete itself (Terry Grimley).

? /31/10/80: RSC marathon man (Charles Spencer).

Now Magazine /31/10/80: The Majestic Richards of Alan Howard (Lucy Hughes-Hallett).

Sunday Times Magazine /11/1/81: He that plays the king (Mark Amory).

Newcastle upon Tyne Journal /17/2/81: Home from home -interview with Alan Howard (David Isaacs).

International Herald Tribune /17/10/81: King and Everyman - Alan Howard on Soliloquies and Revelations (?)

Good Housekeeping /December 1981: Enter The King: Alan Howard (Anne Gregg).

The Times Saturday Review /7/11/81: Alan Howard (Sheridan Morley).

UPI Press Agency / December 1981: Classics Actor Running Out Of Kings (Gregory Jenson)

The Guardian /10/4/82: Howard lets the Good times roll

City Limits /23/4/82: Play Power (Sandy Craig).

Harpers & Queen /May 1982: Royal Couple (Mirabel Cecil).

New York Times /10/10/82: The Holocaust Is a New Challenge for a Shakespearean Star (Susan Heller Anderson).

New York Times Sunday Magazine, 1982: London stage giant Alan Howard shelves Shakespeare to play a Nazi for the 'Good' of Broadway (Jim Jerome).

London Evening Standard /23/3/84: Winding up, the elastic band (Charles Spencer).

The Times /25/1/85: An English poet home from Homer (Christopher Logue).

The Evening Standard / 24/5/85: Alan Breaks Back

The Observer /26/5/85: On with the motley (Nicholas Wapshott).

The Independent /13/10/89: Consuming passions (C.T.W.L.)(Sheila Johnston).

Chichester Observer /5/7/90: A different role yet a similar character (Sue Snowden)

The Daily Telegraph /16/7/90: A melodramatic return (Peter Lewis).

London Evening Standard /9/11/90: Scenes Stealer

The Observer /25/11/90: On the day he slams the front door, wear red for danger (Kate Kellaway).

What's On London /28/11/90: The man who would be king - again (Graham Hassell).

Time Out /28/11/90: Marital Arts (Jane Edwardes).

The Times /15.8.91: Compact imagination of actor and poet (Jeremy Kingston).

Scotland On Sunday /18/8/91: Working Like Trojans (Stephanie Billen).

Glasgow Herald /22/8/91: Once more into battle (with Mr Howard in his tent) (Jackie McGlone).

Daily Telegraph Magazine /28/3/92: A hit of a myth (Fionnuala McHugh).

The Independent on Sunday Review /17/5/92: Re-Enter Stage Right - profile of Alan Howard (Stephen Fay).

Times /30/3/93: Howard's way back to Will (Matt Wolf).

What's On London /9/6/93: Thane Glorious (Graham Hassell).

Independent /13/4/94: Eight degrees of separation (Miranda Carter)

Sunday Express Magazine /1/5/94: Out To Lunch, Alan Howard (Tattler)

Independent /12/7/95: A bumbly sort of bloke, but what a talent (Georgina Brown).

Newcastle Journal /1/5/96: Howard's way is an electric acting style (David Whetstone).

Northern Post /3/5/96: King of all he surveys (Lynda Murdin).

Independent /14/8/96: Behind the ironic mask (Georgina Brown).

Guardian /4/9/96: Greek chorus of approval (Lyn Gardner).

Independent /4/9/96: Oedipus as his mum would have wanted it (Paul Taylor).

Independent on Sunday /19/1/97: No whisky, just an island home

Independent on Sunday /30/3/97: How We Met - Alan Howard and Christopher Logue (Marianne Brace).

Guardian /18/6/97: Spare ten pence for a cup of tea, luvvy? (Lyn Gardener)

Independent /25/6/97: Waits and measures (Jasper Rees).

Independent /3/9/97: Ripeness is all (Paul Taylor)

Daily Telegraph /3/9/97: He that plays the king (Max Davidson)

London This Week April/May 1998: Interview with Alan Howard (Michael Leech).

Independent / 19/8/98: Who's afraid of upstaging all the rest? (David Benedict).

Highbury and Islington Express/ 4/9/98: Doing plays the Howard way (Tim Palmer)

Sheffield Telegraph /21/4/00: Howard's way with words (Ian Soutar).

Scotland on Sunday /23/4/00: King of kings (Jackie McGlone).

Richmond & Twickenham Times /12/5/00: Tragedy of blighted lives

What's On London /7/6/00: Howard's Way (Al Senter).

Independent Magazine /24/2/01: Sex and the City (Jonathan Dyson).

Times /13/3/01: The man with x-rated eyes (Maureen Paton).

Irish Sunday Independent /21/4/02: The healing touch (Joe Jackson -
article about Frank McGuinness and the play Gates of Gold.)

Irish Examiner / 5/5/02: In bed with the imagination (Patrick Brennan).

Irish Sunday Tribune / 12/5/02: Truth and Lies (Ciaran Carty)

The Toronto Star / 18/2/04: Alan Howard relished the Elvish (Richard Ouzounian)

The Guardian / 26/10/05: Infinite Variety...... (Charlotte Higgins and Michael Billington)

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