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Alan Mackenzie Howard

Born August 5th 1937, son of Arthur John Howard and Jean Compton Mackenzie. On his mother's side of the family were generations of actors, on his father's, the film star, Leslie Howard. The Howards true surname was Stainer/Steiner, but after Leslie achieved fame and fortune, all took the surname of Howard. Arthur looked very like Leslie and occasionally acted as his stand-in, for example, in the 1938 film of 'Pygmalion', which Leslie was co-directing. Leslie Howard's son, Ronald, also became an actor, mostly in film and TV. Another Howard in the film industry was Arthur's sister, Irene, who became a casting director for M.G.M.

Through his mother's side of the family, the Comptons, professional actors since the early 19th Century, Alan Howard is related to most of the acting dynasties of the theatre. Click here for a Compton family tree.

Through his father, Arthur John Steiner (Howard), Alan is related to the British film star Leslie Howard.Click on Leslie for more information about the Howard acting family.

Education: Ardingly College.

Married 1965, Stephanie Hinchcliffe Davies, actress, then theatre designer, no children, divorced.

2. Married long term partner Sally Beauman, nee Kinsey Miles, in 2004.

One son, James Howard
One grandson.

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