Production Information


Alan Howard
Richard Jameson an octogenarian poet,
a once-famous name in English Fascist politics

Caroline Faber
Jane his late wife, daughter of Henry Exton.
Rebecca Stone an academic; would-be biographer


Trevor Fox
Steve a handyman
Blackshirt Jameson's minder


Laura Norton
Lisa Steve's girlfriend, Maid


David Rintoul
Henry Exton press baron and British Fascist leader in the 1939
Judd a right-wing Conservative MP in 1980s


Deka Walmsley
Francis Finnegan Exton's ADC


Donald McBride
Tenniel a senior civil servant
Bonneville Jameson's tutor in English at Oxford


Maggie Norris
Stella Osmond Exton's mistress/fiancee


Joe Caffrey
Willi Hartmann German diplomat, Exton's houseguest
Ketch a prison warder, Victim, Singer


Director: Max Roberts
Designer: Imogen Cloet
Lighting: Malcolm Rippeth
Sound: Martin Hodgson
Composer/Musical Director: Keith Morris
Fight director: Rennie Krupinski

Runs 2hr 45min One interval


The play opens in 1987, with the once famous right-wing poet Richard Jameson living in a remote house, inherited from his late wife's family, on the Northumbria coast. A visit by Rebecca Stone, an academic with an interest in both his past and his poetry, prompts Jameson to revisit the terrible events which continue to haunt him over forty years on. Scenes slip from present to past and back again, as the extent of Jameson's involvement with Henry Exton's Fascist party during the 20s and 30s is revealed.

In 1926 the young Jameson meets Jane (Exton's socialist daughter), whom he falls in love with and marries. This event is the catalyst for the poet's employment with Exton and his subsequent (and fateful) meeting with Exton's henchman, the sinister figure of Francis Finnegan. The idealist Jameson soon becomes embroiled in a deadly political game.

In the present, Jameson is cared for by Steve - a member of the latter-day equivalent of Exton's party, the League -someone else with a vested interest in Jameson's memoirs…

Past and present events collide as the shocking revelations of Jameson's past are mirrored in a startling present-day climax.

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