More about the Howard Family

A letter from Ferdinand Steiner, Leslie Howard's father, requesting permission to be married to Lilian Blumberg.

Letter from Ferdinand Steiner

The tall houses on Leslie's street in Upper Norwood. The backs were set on a sloping garden so that the upper rooms overlooked the whole of London - a situation well suited to the daydreaming young Leslie.

The Howard house in Norwood

Leslie's mother, Lilian, encouraged him in his ambitions. She was a member of the Dramatic Society, and acted in several amateur productions.

Review mentioning Lilian Steiner

Alan's grandmother, Lilian Steiner

Lilian Steiner

From The Stage, 1913, a review of the Anomalies Dramatic Club's
production of His House in Order, by Arthur Wing Pinero, which mentions Lilian Steiner as the French Governess.

Alleyns School

A school report for Leslie Howard

Alleyn's main school building. Leslie attended from 1907 - 1910.

Leslie's school reports from Alleyn's, 1907-1910, starting but not ending well. The numbers in the second column show his age. Leslie's short-sightedness and shyness may have contributed to his difficulties at the school. Also, the style of the reports was far more blunt than would be allowed today, but even so it is hard to imagine the circumstances that prompted the ultimate bad-tempered comment - a moment of irritation? One explanation may be Leslie's German name and accent - deeply unpopular at that time. (A trace of Leslie's German still remained years later, and can be heard at the end of his 1932 film, The Animal Kingdom.)

Uniform of Northamptonshire Yeomanry 1914


Leslie's uniform as a second lieutenant, NorthamptonshireYeomanry 1914.