Production Information

Hnery VI programme

The Royal Shakespeare Company

'Henry VI Part One' by William Shakespeare

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon

First performance of this production: 28.6.77.



King Henry VI

Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, his uncle and Lord Protector

The Duke of Bedford,his uncle and Regent of France

The Duke of Exeter, his great uncle

Henry Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester

The Duke of Somerset

Basset, his man

Richard Plantagenet, afterwards Duke of York, his cousin

Vernon, his man

The Earl of Salisbury

The Earl of Warwick, his son

The Earl of Suffolk

Lord Talbot

His Captain

John Talbot, his son

Sir William Glansdale

Sir Thomas Gargrave

Sir John Fastolfe


Edmund Mortimer, uncle to Richard Plantagent

Sir William Lucy

The Mayor of London

His Man

Woodville, Lieutenant of the Tower

Messenger 1/Soldier

Messenger 2/Soldier

Messenger 3/Soldier

Soldier at the Gate

Alan Howard

Graham Crowden

Jeffery Dench

Edwin Richfield

John Rhys-Davies

Oliver Ford-Davies

Iain Mitchell

Emrys James

Stephen Jenn

Clem McCallin

Julian Glover

Peter McEnery

David Swift

Barrie Rutter

Ian Gelder

Michael Bertenshaw

Billie Brown

Dan Meaden

Arthur Whybrow

Clem McCallin

Jeffery Dench

Arthur Whybrow

Ian McNeice

Dan Meaden

Michael Bertenshaw

Ian McNeice

David Shaw-Parker

Billie Brown


Charles, the Dauphin

Reignier, Duke of Anjou

The Duke of Alencon

The Basterd of Orleans

General of Bordeaux

The Duke of Burgundy

Master Gunner of Orleans

His Son



An Old Shepherd

Joan la Pucelle

Margaret, daughter to Reignier

Countess of Auvergne

James Laurenson

John Burgess

Philip Dunbar

Jack Klaff

Desmond Stokes

Morris Perry

Desmond Stokes

Richard Derrington

Pat Connell

Anton Lesser

Desmond Stokes

Charlotte Cornwell

Helen Mirren

Yvonne Coulette

Directed by

Designed by

Music by

Lighting arranged by

Company voice work by

Assistant Director

Fights arranged by

Stage Manager

Deputy Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Terry Hands


Guy Woolfenden

John Bradley

Cicely Berry

Ian Judge

Anthony Naylor

Michael Dembowicz

Trevor Williamson

Richard Lindsey

MUSICIANS: Michael Tubbs Music Director, Gordon Bennett trumpet, Nigel Garvey percussion, Peter Morris horn, Robert Pritchard trumpet, Ian Reynolds flute, Gareth Richards trombone, David Statham horn, Robin Weatherall percussion.

Act 1 will be about 1 hour. Act 2 will be about 45 minutes. Act 3 will be about 30 minutes. There will be two intervals of 15 minutes.


Playing Shakespeare/Henry VI Part One